Apriva Integration Services' help developers in diverse industries simplify payment integration and prepare for the future. Learn how to use mobile payment SDKs, APIs and web services to help merchants prepare for EMV and new payment technologies, launch faster and take their business to new levels.


Eliminate the need to carry money by accepting cashless payments for vending, parking, laundry machines, restaurants, bookstores, tuition, denotations, tickets, and events.

Car Wash

Accept payments at any type of car wash facility, from in bay, to tunnel washes, to washes that offer memberships with recurring or online payments.

Golf Courses

Provide a seamless experience throughout your facility by making it easy to pay for golf ball vending, dining, shopping, tee times, recurring memberships, and more.


Allow customers to pay at kiosks for a wide array of services, such as vending, healthcare, ticketing, dining, retail, utilities, photo, micro markets, and lottery tickets.


Help customers get in and out faster than ever by allowing cashless payments at multi-space kiosks and parking meters, garages, event lots, and lots with recurring memberships.


Make ticketing a breeze by integrating payment processing for ticketing kiosks, entry windows, event acceptance, and online purchases.