Golf Courses

A Payment Processing Hole-in-One

Hitting the green requires spending green. Make it easy for golfers and their guests to pay with the help of Apriva Integration Services. Whether they’re purchasing a tee time, renewing a membership, using the golf ball dispenser, grabbing lunch after a good game, or shopping for golf goods, our solutions take the pain out of paying by enabling merchants to accept cards and advanced payment technologies in addition to cash.

Seamless Experience

With Apriva Integration Services, golfers can use their preferred payment method anywhere on the course and focus on the experience, not the transaction.

Fast and Easy Integration

Our pre-built collection of solutions makes it simple to quickly add payment processing to any existing mobile, web, or traditional POS solution.

Future-Ready Solutions

From traditional payments to innovative technology like EMV, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, the Apriva Gateway is continuously evolving to help golf courses stay ahead of the game.

Secure Technology

Apriva’s proven technology is PCI-compliant and has been rigorously tested and verified by the U.S. intelligence community and Department of Defense.

New Sales Opportunities

With Apriva Integration Services, golf course merchants can accept credit, debit, stored value, loyalty, EBT, and check transactions, as well as emerging forms of payment.

Complete Compliance

In addition to being PCI-compliant, Apriva Integration Services support advanced security features like card encryption at swipe, card tokenization, and EMV technology.

Get Started

Integrate with the Apriva Gateway to quickly and easily add payment processing to an existing POS solution. With unrivaled security and support for over 40 devices and 35+ certified payment processors, there is no better partner that offers innovation, confidence, and the freedom to choose. Start streamlining your payment integration by signing up for Apriva Integration Services today.


Data Sheet

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See how Apriva Integration Services help developers and merchants create a seamless golf experience.

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