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By connecting to over 30 different payment processors, all major wireless carriers, and providing support for all payment transports, Apriva offers independent software vendors (ISVs) with unrivaled features and flexibility in payment processing. Apriva currently works with over 1,100 merchant services providers (MSPs) and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) across the United States and Canada.

Apriva recognized the potential of mobile computing early and leads the way in secure mobile communications and wireless payment processing technology.

By connecting a wide array of wireless card payment devices to merchants’ payment networks, Apriva has captured a significant portion of the North American Point of Sale (POS) market.  We offer an end-to-end solution that integrates hardware, software, network services, management tools, and support.

Apriva Integration Services enable software developers to readily add payment processing to mobile (mPOS), web, traditional and unattended POS solutions via mobile payment SDKs, API or web services. By integrating with the Apriva Gateway™ via wired or wireless connections, partners gain access to over 30 different North American payment processors supporting credit, debit, stored value, loyalty, EBT, and cash transactions.

Founded in 1999, Apriva currently holds over a dozen patents with 70 additional patents pending in U.S. and foreign offices. This portfolio includes technology relating to the development, deployment and management of mobile device applications, as well as technology relating to secure communications, secure identity management, and secure payment transactions.

For more information, visit payments.apriva.com or email us at devsupport@apriva.com

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