Apriva Integration Services were designed to help our Business Partners quickly add payment processing to their mobile, web, traditional, and unattended POS solutions. For a short introduction to the payments industry, mobile payment SDKs, and Apriva’s background, we invite you to visit the pages below.

Use Cases

Mobile Apps Quickly Add Mobile Payments

Tightly integrate Android and iOS Apps with the Apriva Gateway™ for Payment Processing

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Add Credit Card Payments to Unattended Vending Solutions

Touchscreen Kiosks

An independent software vendor (ISV) has designed a touchscreen kiosk system that unites front-end ticket sales with back-end inventory and product management.  The ISV wants to integrate their Android-based solution with the Apriva Gateway™ for secure payment processing, so customers can purchase tickets with credit cards at unattended point-of-sale (POS) kiosks.

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Payments 101

A general introduction to electronic payments and payment processing, highlighting the payment process from authorization through clearing and settlement, listing major players in the payments industry, and summarizing some key terms and concepts.

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Security 101

A general introduction to payment security concepts, including PCI DSS and PA-DSS, secure coding practices, and standards for protecting data and privacy.

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