Apriva Integration Services offers APIs, mobile payment SDKs, and web services that bring payment processing to mobile (mPOS), web, traditional and unattended POS solutions—wired or wireless. Partner with Apriva to access more than 30 different payment processors supporting credit, debit, stored value, campus card, loyalty, EBT, cash, and check transactions.


Apriva’s technology handles more mobile commerce transactions in North America than any other—including $9.55 billion in wireless transactions in 2013.  Apriva supports over 1,100 MSPs and ISOs, and our gateway provides access to over 30 different processors.

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How It Works

Apriva Integration Services are ready to help bring mobility, security, compliance, and great flexibility to your payment process.  Sign up, develop, certify and launch payment processing with the Apriva Gateway.

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What is Apriva Certification?

Certification is the process of validating your implementation of a particular Apriva interface—via mobile payment SDKs or cloud APIs.  Both sunny-day and rainy-day cases are validated, giving you confidence that your system is ready for real-world transactions.  Validation and certification can also be done against a processor test system.

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Why Obtain Apriva Certification?

Apriva Certification ensures that all components function successfully in both expected and unexpected situations, before processing in a live environment, allowing you to deliver the highest quality payment processing for your merchants.

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Supported Devices, Peripherals & Processors

Apriva supports more than 40 devices and over 30 certified processing platforms so merchants can process financial transactions from any location using most any processor. 

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