Add Payment Processing to Mobile, Web,
Traditional and Unattended POS Solutions

Apriva supports over 1,100 MSPs and ISOs across the United States and Canada. Apriva Integration Services include APIs, mobile payment SDKs, and web services to securely connect your POS solutions to over 30 different payment processors. With so many integration options, Apriva empowers merchants to sell anything, anywhere.

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Apriva supports more than 40 devices and over 30 certified processing platforms. Merchants can process financial transactions from any location using most any processor.
Supported Devices & Processors


Apriva provides APIs, mobile payment SDKs, and web services to securely connect Android™, iOS, and other platforms to the Apriva Gateway™.

Merchant Services Providers

Apriva currently works with some 1,100 merchant service providers (MSPs) and independent sales organizations (ISOs) across the United States and Canada.

Why Integrate with Apriva?


Quickly integrate with the Apriva Gateway™ and get your software to market faster.


Offer more than just credit and debit processing—deliver EBT, stored value, loyalty programs, check transaction processing, and more.


Apriva has been innovating mobile solutions for more than a decade, developing one of the first third-party RIM® applications and the magnetic card reader in 1999. With a foundation rooted in wireless application technology, Apriva offers ISVs and Business Partners unrivaled features and flexibility for payment processing.


The Apriva Gateway is the most comprehensive gateway solution in the Industry and is continuously evolving to support wireless, dial up, and IP connectivity—plus EMV, NFC, cash, and Interac Flash (Canada) transactions. Partnering with Apriva means you will always have the most options for engaging your market and leveraging the latest payment technologies.


Apriva's proven technology has been rigorously tested and verifed by the U.S. intelligence community and Department of Defense, and is compliant with the payment industry's standards body, the PCI Security Standards Council.


Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant architecture helps software partners to achieve PCI certifications and remove themselves from PA-DSS scope whenever possible.

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Apriva Integration Services brings all the features and capabilities of the Apriva Gateway to your solutions! For a quick introduction to the payments industry and Apriva’s success, we invite you to review these articles, papers, and links.