Globalcom Engineering is highly specialized in the design and development of high-technology devices for the data transmission and payment systems sectors.  Globalcom has been active since 1999 supplying terminals for transactions in the Petrol, Ticketing, Parking, Industrial Automation, Kiosk & Vending, Mobility Solutions, Transport, Public Administration and Retail sectors.

Please note:  EMV semi-integrated certification is actively underway.

Supported Hardware

Features Available 

  • Magnetic Swipe
  • EMV with PIN
  • EMV no CVM (Cardholder Verification Method)
  • Contactless
  • Read-Head Encryption

Supported Transactions

  • Credit Sale 
  • Credit Pre Authorization
  • Credit Post Authorization
  • Credit Swipe Store and Forward Sale


For access to Globalcom SDKs and test units, please contact:

Chris Miller
CTO of Current Components
Telephone:  800-342-9798 x230

Alessandro Gardinazzi
International Business Developer
Telephone:  +39 348 57 03 005