Below is a list of POS Solutions integrated with the Apriva Gateway and available for ISOs and resellers to promote and sell to their merchants.



The infomation on this page provides a high level overview of each integrated solution. 


Click HERE for a Quick Reference as to which integrated solutions can be re-sold.


Aesthetic Record

Customer management software for chiropractors to track their patients and services. Merchant facing, the chiropractor will take payment in app. e.g. I fill out a form on line for an appointment to get my back fixed, while in the office the chiropractor determines what is needed tracks the information in the application and takes my credit card for payment.

  • Mobile SDK w/Miura M010

Air Service Northwest

Air Service Northwest operates tire inflation machines at gas stations located in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. His customers are drivers who need air in their tires, they stop at one of my unattended air machines, pay, then fill up with air.

  • OTI Trio
  • OTI Telebox

Amano McGann

Amano McGann is a Parking management solution provider. The target customer is a parking garage. The solutions include unattended drive up in lane solutions, unattended walk up kiosks, or walk up window attendant. In addition they provide monthly services for recurring billing, for example they may charge a customer $10 a month for unlimited use of the garage. These different solutions use 3 different methods for communicating with Apriva.

  • PAX S300
  • Globalcom BV1000 
  • Web Services


Fully customizable mobile application for retail and restaurant merchants. Tools include dynamic menus, inventory control, portal, in-app ordering, purchase history, payments, and more. 

  • Hosted payment form

Automated Stores (AstoreSIA)

ASTORE SIA (aka Umbretta, Automated Stores) is a new unattended machine manufacturer that can dispense various products.  They target Municipality owned locations. This includes port Authorities, Train or Subway stations and sports arenas.

  • OTI reader

AR Systems

Fully custom self-service retail kiosk (automated retailing or "AR").  In-house kiosk manufacturing means endless custom options.  Features include large and small LED screen options for advertising and product videos. Tools include product management and mobile advertising.

  • OTI Trio
  • Globalcom BV1000
  • XML w/ Magtek, IDTech
  • Web Services


Micro market for corporate locations that takes payment through a mobile application.  Product selection and payment are done on the phone.  Single app can be used at all locations. 

  • Web Services


Unattended kiosk that allows customers to purchase nutritional supplements in both an individual service size as well as bulk quantities. This kiosk will allow gym members to purchase items such as protein powders or headphones.

  • OTI Trio


Plant based organic infused water dispensing machines.  Small footprint  (20×26) versus the traditional size of a vending machine.  They plan to launch at medical spas, sports/nutrition stores and convenience stores.

  • OTI Trio

Cold Data Acquisition

Micro market kiosk solution utilizing iPads.

  • XML Interface w/ Magtek iDynamo


Golf course cloud-based software.  Features include tee time software for booking online.  Beverage cart, retail & restaurant point of sale for any size golf course operation.

  • PAX S300
  • Web Services

Farmers Fridge

Vending machines fridge with fresh foods located on campus's in the Chicago area.

  • XMLInterface with Magtek reader

Foto ATM

Instant photo print kiosk, people pay with credit card to purchase photos. e.g. I sit in the booth and get my picture taken for passport fotos and swipe my card to get the printed photos

  • OTI Trio

Instream Water

Instream Water is a Kiosk that allows NFC enabled water bottles to be refilled at any of thier kiosks. "Our technology allows customers to transfer funds and dispensing preferences directly onto their smart water bottle or band. When you want filtered water, no need to swipe your card. Just place your smart bottle on the dispensing platform at any Instream Water refill station, we will recognize you, your account balance, and your selected dispensing preferences. Simply fill your bottle and walk away."

  • Web Services
  • OTI Trio


A vending machine that dispenses Juice. Customers choose the number of cups (1~3) on the screen and the
system will charge to the credit card if the customer swipe/insert/tap the card on the reader.  Current products that use this hardware: Whole Juice or CCups

  • OTI Trio

KioWare Kiosk

Custom-built POS lockdown software that secures a merchant's tablet or desktop to enable a self-service kiosk. Configure KioWare to restrict access to the application or website the merchant wants running. Available for both Android and Windows operating systems.

  • OTI Trio


LinkPOS cutting-edge point-of-sale system for small business. Customizable POS for restaurant and retail shops.  Features include text message marketing, custom loyalty programs, local and remove sales reporting, custom menus that include categories and items.  Runs in a stand-alone operating mode when the internet is not available.

  • Web Services 


Metric Paystation is an on street parking and unattended parking service provider.

  • Globalcom BV1000

New Age Pavilions

Walkup glass front unattended refrigerator system.  Multiple refrigerator all communicate with a single kiosk to allow customers to choose different product and checkout without scanning.

  • XML Interface w/ IDTech MSR

OptIn Media

Point of Sale system that can be used with Government assistance programs.

  • XMLInterface w/ Blue Bamboo PinPad

Outdoor Vending Solutions (Propane)

Large unattended cage that sells items like propane or wood.  Work with customers like Blue Rhino to provide the cage and payments for selling propane tanks.

  • OTI Trio

Pango Parking

Pango provides consumer facing mobile parking payment software.  Target customers are organizations like municipalities that offer on street parking meters.

  • Web Services


On street parking pay station. e.g. Park my car on the curb and walk up and choose the time I want to pay to park.

  • OTI Reader

Parlevel Systems

Unattended payments hardware and vending management software (VMS) designed to help innovative vending merchants efficiently grow their business.  Remote monitoring of vending machines and hardware financing available.

  • ISO8583 w/ IDTech


PayCanada is a solution provider who works with large merchants for their point of sale needs.

  • XMLInterface


An innovative SaaS platform for healthcare organizations.  They provide a suite of applications to manage patient intake and customize workflows for thousands of different patient and appointment types.  The platform offers your patients multiple ways to pay, whether through self-service methods like Mobile or the PhreesiaPad, or in the office with your staff using the Phreesia Dashboard. All patient payments—cash, check and cards—are tracked through Phreesia and automatically posted in your practice management system, enabling robust reporting and simple reconciliation. Phreesia is a registered Payment Facilitator with the payment networks (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover) and is Level 1 PCI-compliant, so you can rest assured that your patients’ payments are secure.

  • Web Service w/ unknown hardware


Retail and restaurant point of sale cash register solution.

  • XMLInterface w/ unknown hardware


Automotive Kiosk in the Automotive industry.  They prompt the user for a number of questions and then after determining the amount of the services selected prompt for credit card thru the OTI reader.   Credit Sale only average ticket is $5 to $10.  They connect thru Ethernet.

  • OTI Trio

Print Mates

Print Mates is a photo printing kiosk. e.g. Users will choose from 6 different photo sizes and upload their photos to print. Once they check out they will be required to pay using the credit card processor. They can print on metal, wood, canvas, buttons, magnets, etc.

  • OTI Trio


Smarte Carte is the leading provider of self-serve vended luggage carts, electronic lockers, commercial strollers and massage chairs at more than 2,600 locations worldwide.

  • OTI Trio
  • OTI Telebox


Retail application that does everything. Including : Sales Entry, Shipping, Inventory Management, Payables, Receivables, and customer Management. Nationwide is the ISO

  • PAX S300


SnappyScreen is "The worlds first touch less sunscreen application system".

  • XMLInterface w/ IDTech

SpotHero/Parking Panda

Parking event mobile device with attached reader to perform barcode scanning and payment acceptance.

  • XMLInterface w/ Infinite Peripherals LineaPro


Valet management software.  Built onto a shelf at the valet stand is battery backups, cellular modems and cabling.  This connects to a Elo Android Tablet that talks to a cashbox, barcode reader, and the Ingenico payment device.

  • Ingenico ICT250​


VendNovation produces affordable, high quality solutions to common access control problems. Web-based software tied to our intelligent vending controllers enables automated inventory tracking, per-product item restrictions, point of sale integration, routable system alerts, remote machine configuration, and much more.

  • XMLInterface w/unknown hardware​


Break room unattended kiosk called the Market.

  • XMLInterface w/ unknown hardware


Off street parking management system.

  • Globalcom BV1000
  • Ingenico ICT250

You're On Time

Beauty salon management software for managing appointments and taking payments.  Features include real time reporting and scheduling.  Cloud based software that allows for customization.

  • PAX S300

Last updated July 2019.