What is Apriva Certification?

Certification is the Apriva process of validating your implementation of a particular Apriva payment acceptance solution or credit card processing app—via mobile payment SDKs or cloud APIs.  Both sunny-day and rainy-day cases are validated, giving you confidence that your system is ready for real-world transactions.  Validation and certification can also be done against a processor test system.

Note that “Apriva Certification” is not PCI certification.  For more information on PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), please visit our Security 101 page.

Why Obtain Apriva Certification?

Apriva Certification ensures that all components function successfully in both expected and unexpected situations, before processing in a live environment, allowing you to deliver the highest quality payment processing for your merchants.

Who Performs Apriva Certification?

Apriva provides the gateway connectivity scripts, you are responsible for executing them.  Your Apriva integration specialist can assist as needed and will certify your connectivity.

Where is Apriva Certification Performed?

Apriva manages a development connection area for your testing and certification.  This area is available 24×7 with scheduled maintenance windows to keep the environment in sync with production releases. 

How is Apriva Certification Performed?

A gateway connectivity script is created by Apriva to exercise as many transaction situations as possible specific to your solution.  Through a closed-loop test system, unique trigger amounts will force conditions that are otherwise difficult to create on demand.

When Does Apriva Certification Happen?

Certification is performed when your payment acceptance solution is ready for deployment. This occurs when your solution is fully integrated via API, mobile payment SDK or web services; your quality assurance testing has been completed; and you’re ready to move into Apriva’s production gateway environment.

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