How It Works

Integrate, Test, Certify, then Go to Market with the Apriva Gateway.

1. Sign Up / Discover

You – Sign up for Apriva Integration Services using our online form.

Apriva – Reviews your solution and how you might engage Apriva Integration Services to help with your API, mobile payment SDK or web services integration.

You – Discuss the Apriva program with an integration consultant and become a partner.

2. Develop / Test

Apriva – Credentials for you to access the Integrator Studio, Partner Studio™, and the development/testing environment of the Apriva Gateway™.

You – Login to the Integrator Studio, access integration documentation and support, develop and test your integration.

Apriva – Provides API, mobile payment SDK and web services integration support as needed.

3. Certify / Launch

You – Perform quality assurance and connectivity testing in development/testing environment, then schedule Apriva Certification.

Apriva – Provides integration support and sends you an Apriva Gateway connectivity script.

You – Execute the gateway connectivity script for Apriva Certification.

Apriva – Confirms connectivity success and certifies your solution, granting you access to the production environment of the Apriva Gateway.

You – Start processing payments through your solution.

Want to learn more or start the integration process?