PAX Technology Limited (“PAX”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAX Global Technology Ltd.  Founded in 2001, PAX is a global provider of electronic payment solutions offering world-class, cost effective and superior quality payment solutions.  PCI and EMV compliant electronic fund transfer point-of-sale (EFT-POS) terminals include various models within key segments of Countertop, Mobile and Wireless, Multilane Retail and Contactless/NFC.

Quick reference guides are availibale on the PAX portal:  PAX QRG Master List

Supported Hardware (Semi Integrated)

Supported Stand Alone Hardware

  • S90: Stand-alone application which communicates to the host via CDMA or GPRS
  • S80: Standalone application which communicates to the host via Ethernet

Features Available 

  • Magnetic Swipe
  • EMV with PIN
  • EMV with Signature
  • Contactless
  • End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) with 3DES DUKPT
  • Store and Forward 
  • Tips
  • Integrated PIN Pad
  • AVS and CVV2

Supported Transactions

  • Credit : Sale, Pre-Auth, Post-Auth, Refund, Void, Adjust, Balance Inquiry
  • Debit : Sale, Refund, Balance Inquiry
  • EBT : Food Stamp Sale, Refund and Balance Inquire. Voucher Sale and Refund. Cash Benefit Sale and Balance Inquiry.
  • Stored-Value : Redemption(+Void), Pre-Auth, Post- Auth(+Void), Balance Inquiry, Activation, Block Activation, Re-Activation, Issue, Issue Virtual, Add Value(+Void), Return, Balance merge(+Void), cash-out(+Void), deactivation(+Void), force redemption, force add value
  • Loyalty: Add Value, Balance Inquiry, Redemption, Replacement, Issue, Deactivation, Void 

Integration Options

  • Semi-Integrated – PAX Terminals can communicate with PC or mobile POS via HTTP or HTTPS to an IP on local network. It is recommended to issue the PAX terminal a local IP so that configuration does not need to change. This solution also allows merchants to have multiple tables available with PAX terminals at fixed locations. So, if for example a retail store equips their sales people with tablets they can easily ring up the customer and choose to process the payment on the nearest available PAX terminal.
  • PAX terminals supports Ethernet communication via socket connections on local network. Point of sale may talk to the unit via TCP only, without utilizing HTTP.
  • If an integrator has a native POS application the semi integrated PAX can be connected via serial to the cash register. This can be more efficient than an Ethernet addressable terminal and allows for successful processing even if the network goes offline and forwarding is enabled. 


For access to PAX Technology APIs, please contact:

Kourosh Tari
Technical Sales Engineer
Telephone:  904-431-0425

For support please contact:

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