Add Payment Processing to Web Solutions via XML

Readily Integrate Payment Processing to Websites or Any Web-Connected Solution

Online Ordering

A larger retailer has redesigned the online product catalog for their public website. The retailer seeks to integrate their new e-commerce website with the Apriva Gateway™ for secure payment processing, so customers can seamlessly purchase products online with credit cards.


The retailer wants to incorporate Web payments into their site, allowing customers to make real-time purchases, updating inventory records as product purchases occur, and presenting customers with a consistent user experience.  The retailer does not want customers to leave their retail site to initiate an online payment.

The retailer desires PCI-DSS compliance to improve system security, win customer trust for transactions, and potentially mitigate liability.  The retailer also needs a gateway solution that can accommodate stored-value transactions in the future.

Finally, the retailer has existing banking relationships and merchant accounts that their payment gateway partner must accommodate.  The company needs a payment gateway that connects to the retailer’s processors, accommodating their existing financial and payment processing relationships.


Apriva supports host-to-host connectivity to readily integrate Web solutions with the Apriva Gateway for payment processing.  Leveraging XML over SSL, the retailer’s developers can programmatically integrate payments into their existing website, presenting a consistent user experience within the original site.

As part of the Gateway Integration Services, Apriva provides:

  • Web connectivity (IP and port)
  • XML specifications
  • Sample code for connecting and sample code for transactions,
  • Credentials to a gateway testing environment available 24/7
  • Validation and testing scripts
  • Partner Studio administration
  • Integration support via email and telephone

Further, the Apriva Gateway connects to some 30 certified processing platforms—including American Express, Chase Paymentech, Elavon, First Data, Heartland, Open Solutions, TPS/EVO, TSYS, Vantiv, and many more—allowing the retailer to process Web transactions through their existing banking and merchant accounts.  This crucial capability makes it easier for the retailer to adopt the Web solution as an extension (rather than replacement or addition) to their existing payment processes.

Once the retailer has completed their integration and transaction testing, Apriva will certify their Web POS connectivity and grant access to the production gateway.


Leverage Apriva’s multi-functional, technology-agnostic mobile commerce platform to accelerate time to market for web-based POS solutions.

Through these services, retailers can write applications—in their chosen language—securely connecting to dozens of different payment processors supporting credit, debit, stored value, loyalty, and EBT transactions.  As a result, retailers can leverage one point of integration to deliver timely and relevant payment solutions to their online markets.